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Easiest way to get Crime Reports for your areas

2009 December 3
by Kegan Gan

Now you do not need to keep coming back to Malaysia Crime website to see if there are crimes reported near your area. Instead, crime reported near your area will be emailed to you!

How? Just subscribe to Malaysia Crime Monitor service.

The Monitor service helps you to monitor crimes in areas of your interest. If a crime happened in that area, our system will send you an email notifying you about the crime.

To subscribe to the Monitor service, you only have to choose the area you would like to monitor on the map. And input your email address. You can subscribe to as many areas as you want using the same email.

NOTE: We will only send you a maximum of ONE email a day. No email will be sent if no crime happen in your area of interest.

Tell your friends!

Malaysia Crime Strategic Partnership with AMAX

2009 November 30
by Kegan Gan

On Wednesday, 25 November 2009, Malaysia Crime has formed a partnership with AMAX. What does this means, you asked.

AMAX want to give back the community, and they want to do it by addressing one of the most important current issues. Crime. They are sponsoring Malaysia Crime. And they have more things to come.

Malaysia Crime is getting a wider reach and publicity through AMAX’s brand and sponsorship resources.

A few links about the strategic partnership in the news:

Some readers have told me that the event was shown on RTM and radio too. Don’t know which channel though. If you know, do let me know so that I can update this post.

Look forward to more exciting things to come from this strategic partnership!

Malaysia Crime iPhone App #1

2009 November 10
by Kegan Gan

Malaysia Crime iPhone App is currently the top downloaded app under Utilities category for the Malaysian App Store.

Malaysia Crime iPhone App top down in Malaysia AppStore

iPhone App

2009 November 8
by Kegan Gan

What to know where are the crimes in Malaysia? There’s an app for that!

Introducing Malaysia Crime iPhone App. This iPhone application taps into Malaysia Crime GeoRSS feeds to bring you the following:

  • Read latest news reports of crimes
  • See the reports closest to you
  • Browse news reports on a map
  • Auto-update gets you the latest reports

Thanks to Jason Khong from Apptivity Lab for developing the Malaysia Crime iPhone App.

Going on air at BFM 89.9

2009 November 2
by Kegan Gan

Almost forget to post about this.

Malaysia Crime will go on air on Tech Talk at BFM 89.9 on 12pm Tue, 3 Nov 2009.

Be sure to tune in!

Some Questions about Malaysia Crime

2009 October 20
by Kegan Gan

Last week a company approach me for a sponsorship deal. Whether this will work out or not, still yet to be known. Nevertheless, they have posted me with a series of questions which I would like to share them here with you.

1. What is Malaysia Crime?

Malaysia Crime is a website that shows crimes in Malaysia on a map.

2. What gave you the idea to start Malaysia Crime? What was your inspiration?

Sometime in March 2009, a person I know was mugged in PJ. He was attacked and lost a finger. It was a shock to me. And I realized somewhat deeply, that crimes are no longer somethings we read in the newspaper that happened to people we don’t know in a far away places. Crimes are things that more and more happening to people close to us. And one day it will happen to ourselves, or worse, to our families.

It is a feeling of urgency. Crime is getting out of control. And I wanted people to feel this urgency like I have.

At that time, the only way I know how was to use a map. Because, I think this makes people realized the amount of crimes that are happening near them. That they would not otherwise have known. And that’s how Malaysia Crime was created.

3. Have any other crime watch sites inspired you? created by Adrian Holovaty. This website has since been incorporated into EveryBlock.

4. What kind of service does MC provide to the community?

Show the community what are the crimes around and near them.

5. In what way do you see MC as being useful to Malaysians?

To know crimes around them that they otherwise would not have known. And from here, a lot of other benefits can be derived depending on how the person internalizes and uses the information.

6. What do you hope to achieve with MC?

Immediately. For people to realized the urgency of the crime situation in our country.

Ultimately. Safety for us and our families.

7. Describe MC in three words.

Maybe a motto instead? And in 10 words :)

“Police fight crimes with guns. People fight crime with information.”

8. Are there any changes you might make to MC in the future?

I am working with a group of social entrepreneurs at We are working with a government agency to get anonymized crime data from the Police. I believe equipping Malaysia Crime with quality information will help users even more. These are the changes I am looking forward to.

9. How many hits/users has MC attracted so far, and how many followers are you hoping for in the future?

Malaysia Crime attracted about 2,000 4,500 users so far.

10. What sort of response would you like to see from the Malaysian public?

I hope that people will feel the urgency regarding the crime situation in our country. And hence, seriously take steps to prevent and fight crime in whatever means that are available to them.

Migrated to WordPress

2009 September 9
by Kegan Gan

Malaysia Crime Blog is now migrated to WordPress.

This particular installation running on Subversion tag 2.8.4 and is hosted at WebFaction.

Now Serving GeoRSS

2009 August 20
by Kegan Gan

Malaysia Crime is now serving GeoRSS feeds. Particularly the GeoRSS-Simple version. Now you can keep track of what crimes are happening around as soon as the reports are made in

Subscribe to it here at

GeoRSS extends the RSS specification by adding the element <georss:point> that contains the latitude and the longitude of the particular item. Here an example of what it looks like:


The Unreasonable People

2009 July 20
by Kegan Gan
The reasonable man adapt himself to the world. The unreasonable man try adapt the world to himself. Hence, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Sometime in early May 2009, a few people started a group called Unreason. The purpose of Unreason funds ideas that solve problems in Malaysia through crowd sourcing. Malaysia Crime is one of the first three projects to be involved.

Fast forward two months to today. Malaysia Crime has gained a lot of traction. We have reached our funding goal through Unreason for our the next version Malaysia Crime. Probably the most exciting thing is that, we are in talks with MDeC to push for open data adoption in the government. We have gone through our first round of presentation and will be doing our second session sometime this week.
Wish us luck!

The Crime that Started the Fire

2009 July 19
by Kegan Gan

In a late night of March 2009, a person was mugged in Petaling Jaya. Four men in two motorcycles attacked him. This person lost a finger that night. His finger detached from his hand.

four fingers

This is no ordinary incident. This person took pictures of his yet-to-be bandaged four-fingers hand, and post it on Facebook. And he is someone I know. This is almost like war. They come, they hurt you, and they take your things. As if there is not any law in this country.

It dawned on me when I saw that picture of the hand with four fingers. Crimes are no longer some snippets we read in newspaper, happened to faceless people in unknown locations. Crimes are real incidents happening to familiar people near our homes. One day it WILL happen to us and our families.

Unless we do something about it. But how?

Police fight crimes with guns. We will fight crime with information. This is what Malaysia Crime is all about.

Armed people with enough information about where, when, and what are the crimes … and they will come together to prevent future crimes. Businesses will chip in because there is money to be made. Government agencies will align themselves because it’s so much easier to work together. And the public will have a united stand against crimes because of the awareness.

When there is enough information and economic incentives, … the problem solve itself.